The Museum inaugurated on May 16, 2009 is located next to the “Old Church”, on the top of the “Colle di Casa” where the “Castle” and the “Old Village of Gorfigliano” once stood and is part of the Ecomuseo dell’Alta Garfagnana.

In 1983, at the behest of the parish priest Don Alberto Bartolomei, work began on the recovery and renovation of the Old Church of Gorfigliano, which had been in complete abandonment for decades. Numerous volunteers took part in the work, who for years with love, passion and skill have restored the entire complex of the Old Church to its ancient splendor. Among the volunteers, one of the “leaders” was Olinto Cammelli, who had collected this huge collection of objects (over 1300) in over 25 years.

After his death in 2005, his wife Mrs. Emma Orsi wanted, with great civic duty, to make the collection public so that it could speak to people as Olinto would have liked. For this purpose the cultural Association “Old Town of Gorfigliano”  was set up, which launched the proposal to set up a museum dedicated to him with all the collection of objects, nearby the Old Church. In 2007 the Municipality of Minucciano, accepting the proposal of the Association and of Mrs. Emma, ​​designed the  Museo dell’Identità dell’Alta Garfagnana “Olinto Cammelli”.

The tour starts from a room where ancient work machines are exhibited, the historical reconstruction of Gorfigliano before and after 1900 when the marble excavation began here, in the background a blow-up of the Old Church before the start of the renovation in 1983 (notice the trees growning on the roof), then a video room with the story of the volunteers “heroes” at work. The central hall of the museum houses hundreds of objects related to the ancient crafts of the marble quarry workers, as well as the shoemaker, shepherd, woodcutter, blacksmith, and many others. Upstairs a section dedicated to  the world of carpentry, a library with reading room, and a meeting room with video for conferences.

Opening hours

June 2024:
Saturday and Sunday 9.00-12.00 and 14.30-18.00 (Saturday 8th 9.00-12.00 and Saturday 29th 14.30-18.00)
From Monday to Friday 14.30-18.00

From Tuesday 4th to Thurday 6th CLOSED


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