Palazzo di Atlante, a museum dedicated to the poet Ludovico Ariosto inside the Rocca Ariostesca, a symbolic monument of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, offers a permanent multimedia installation in the bell tower to transport visitors into Ariosto’s narration of the first two episodes of Orlando Furioso: Follia d’Orlando and Astolfo on the Moon.

Palazzo di Atlante is a museum that looks at contemporary artistic production in dialogue with the tradition of Garfagnana and its history where the public will be able to visit the home of the former Garfagnana commissioner and, entering the Bell Tower, live the experience of a multimedia and scenographic work of art, which offers a story of symbiotic valorization between territory and poem, created to transport visitors into Ariosto’s narration.

The Tower represents the first chapter of a broader museum itinerary that will surprise us next year, allowing us to fully explore the Poem.
A place that, paying homage to the great Italian epic poem, the forerunner of fantasy, and to its author, translates the strength of the imagination into the artistic content of “The Palazzo di Atlante”: a journey beyond space and time, a perceptive experience and sensorial, but also an attractive center ‘on earth’, a renewed hub of the historic center of the city.

Opening Time:

From wednesday to Friday 11.00 – 16.00

Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 18.00


Ascent to the Bell Tower every 25 minutes, staging of “Astolfo sulla Luna”

Reservation required

May and June 2024 free entrance

From July 1st

• 7.00 €
• ⁠4.00 € reduced (under 10 – over 70)

Free Entrance to Rocca and Antonio Possenti exhibition

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